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Norsk Etikett aka Norway’s leading supplier of self-adhesive labels wanted “a new visual identity and a website that reflected their position as a specialist printer with an ambition to remain at the top of their business” notes Studio Oker of its latest project that delivered a brand new visual code for the family-owned company.

“They needed a visual expression that underscored their shared dedication to their craft and customers. In close collaboration with the client, a new brand platform was developed. It underlines the importance of sustainability, active social inclusion, gender equality, and workers’ rights.”

To visualize the craftsmanship of making high-quality labels Studio Oker “documented the intricate production process closely through a series of snippets and images.”

“The visual identity has a timeless expression that draws inspiration from labels in motion –being printed, cut, or pasted on a product” adds Studio Oker.

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