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About Me

Turner is an artist from the Nashville, TN area. As an expert in graphic design, animation, illustration, and video editing, Turner has designed merchandise and album artwork sold to millions of fans and has animated tour visuals displayed on stages around the globe. 

Currently a freelancer for Bbno$, Yung Gravy, Diamond Pistols, Max Taylor, and Lil Boom.

Interning at Crush Music.

Notable Works

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Designed advertisements and visual wall animation for Bbno$’s Jimmy Kimmel Live performance in January, 2023.

Weezer Billboard

Created viral marketing campaign for TikTok clothing brand, in June of 2022, displaying “WEEZER” on a billboard in Utah which inevitably got the attention of the band as well as many news organizations. This marketing stunt was later used in the lyric video for Weezer’s song “What Happens After You?” and is referenced in their marketing and on the internet to this day.


Partnered with Four Winds Brewing to design a Bbno$ branded beer can. Manufactured in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.